Akshadha has comfortably furnished large living room, three bedrooms, five bathrooms (3 solar powered and attached), spacious & scenic meditation hall, dining room, courtyard with natural and artificial rainfall apart from fully functional kitchen, giving you a feeling of a serene home away from home.

The homestay exudes a serene ambience with simple and elegant settings. Terracotta tiles have been used for the floor tiling which brings a rustic feel to the ambience and a cozy feel. These tiles have been found to provide multiple health benefits and documented over centuries.

As you enter Askshadha, you are welcomed by a wide verandah, where one can sit and relax ogling at the nature. The  Drawing and living room is  spacious and  with tastefully done interiors.

The light to the dining hall comes from an open space where one can see and hear the rainfall during rainy seasons and during other times have artificial rain!

The house has three bed rooms with attached bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is air conditioned and is situated in the first floor. The rooms are simply furnished while taking care of all basic requirements.

There are five bathrooms in the house, of which three are attached to the three bedrooms, one a common bathroom in the ground floor and one outside the house. Two of the bathrooms in the ground floor are open to the sky bringing the nature very near you. All the four bathrooms within the house have hot and cold water facilities with three of them solar powered.

Akshadha has a meditation hall in the first floor where the flooring is of traditional red oxide. The view from the hall gives a glimpse of the river through the thick foliage. A lotus tank in the back ground gives the right ambience for meditation and for being with oneself.

It has a terrace from where breath taking view is available of the fauna flora and the flowing river.

The kitchen is well equipped to serve the vegetarian cuisine Kerala is famous for.

The house, though near nature, has been protected from mosquitoes and other insects by providing net doors and windows.

Akshadha Home Stay can be utilized as an independent unit of bedrooms with common facilities or as large holiday home for entire family or group of families.

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