Naina, Student from Bangaluru

Looking for a weekend getaway from the busy city life? Looking for a calm and serene atmosphere? Palakkad is the one place for it all. One of the most diverse district of Kerala, Palakkad is situated in the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Srikrishnapuram is a small town in the district of Palakkad known for it’s picturesque surroundings and wide number of temples.

My family and I planned for a short vacation and had no idea on where to go and what to do. We decided on going to our native Kochi but wanted to deviate from our usual road trip routine. We drove our way through various village sceneries and decided we’d spend a day or two at Sreekrishnapuram. We undoubtedly decided Akshadha as our stay. Akshadha is a beautiful house situated amidst the lush green ghats of  Palakkad district in the banks of a river.

Kerala is known for it’s widespread cuisine. The range of food items changes in taste as we travel from the north to south of Kerala. We got a chance to experience the mouth watering Palakkad cuisine prepared in clean and healthy home cooked condition.

The hospitality provided during the stay is remarkable. We were received with warm hearts and big smiles. Utmost care was ensured for a comfortable stay at Akshadha.

There were other recreation activities set up for us such as a bonfire, various games and a short but exciting trip to a few rivers around the home stay.